Sponsorship Levels

Invitation to sponsor the 37th Annual Rotary Pineapple Man™ Triathlon

Year after year, with the help of our sponsors, the Rotary Pineapple Man™ Triathlon makes a difference in our world.

Pineapple Man Triathlon is a USA Triathlon Association (USAT) nationally sanctioned event, and the race results will be part of a national athlete ranking system. Managing a race with three separate sports and several hundred athletes is a considerable undertaking. An untold number of volunteer hours go into making the Rotary Pineapple Man™ happen each year. Rotary is, by definition, a group of community volunteers. But volunteers alone will not make the race a success.

The requirements of a quality race are significantly higher than they were over three decades ago when we started. The Rotary Pineapple Man™ requires a computerized timing system that tracks each athlete, websites for information, registration and posting results, sanctioning from national racing organization, law enforcement to keep racers safe and separated from motorists, emergency medical personnel on standby, lifeguards, race course directional and safety signage, commemorative T-shirts, race swim caps, refreshments, finishing medals, awards, prizes, drinking water, portable facilities, pineapples, communications equipment, breakfast and more.

All of these cost money – money that we would rather use for humanitarian and community projects. This is a valued opportunity, and your support will help defray the expenses and enhance and bolster our charitable donations.. We hope you will be part of the story as a financial sponsor and/or provide in-kind support. Additionally, donated prizes, giveaways, and/or coupons for athlete registration bags are a great way to gain exposure to the triathlon community and show your support.

Sponsorship Levels (click link for sponsorship details)

Event / Title Sponsor – $10,000

Bike Sponsor – $2,500

Run Sponsor – $2,500

Swim Sponsor – $2,500

Breakfast Sponsor – $2,500

Hotel Sponsor – 5 Hotels Rooms

Facilities Sponsor – $1,200

Life Safety and Law Enforcement Sponsor – $1,200

Photography Sponsor – $1,200

Refreshments Sponsor – $1,200

Gold Sponsor – $550

Silver Sponsor – $275

Your earliest response would be very much appreciated.

Please make your sponsorship fee payable to: